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This article is about the creation of products from our new platform

The creation page, "Your design files" corresponds to the home page of the designs you will have downloaded.

From now on, you only need to send your design once to have it appear on this page permanently.

So, if you decide today to create a t-shirt with this design, then tomorrow a mug, you just have to click on the thumbnail and validate the mug to create it.

This allows you to create collections of designs very easily and to add new products to them quickly.

Step 1: Upload your file by clicking on "Add a new design".

Step 2: Give it a name, which will allow you to recognize it easily.

Step 3: Click on the visual ("See Products" will appear) to start creating

Step 4: Activate the products you want to create, then click on the cute "Create products" button.

Step 5: Create your products by defining their names, placing the visual and choosing your selling price

Detail of options :

Centering and rotation of the design file
Hide the grid
Allows you to modify a product after an order
Selection of the colors you wish to sell
Allows you to change the visual for a particular color: to put a white visual on a black t-shirt and a black visual on a white t-shirt for example.
Click on the color for which you want to add a visual, then uncheck the option. You will then be able to send a new design.
Your purchase price (excluding VAT)
Your sales price
The description of your product
Choose the type of mockup

The created products must then be pushed to the desired store.

Your newly created products will then be in the "Created Products" section, you can then push them to the shop of your choice and edit them.
To push a product to a store, just click on the switch: when it is sent to the store, the switch is enabled.

If you want to push several products at the same time, check the boxes of the related products, then click on the green button at the top of the page: "Publish to xxx".
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