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Formerly reserved for Shopify users, our services now work with other platforms and also in a shopless version.

The new version of the app, released in November 2020, is more of a platform than a traditional application.

This means that you can access all of our services from a single location: you no longer need to log in to Shopify first.

How does it work?

The stores
First of all, please note that you can now use our services even if you don't have an online store yet.
You can create your products and order them, with a well-defined brand identity (logos, addresses, social networks) for each shipment, all without any subscription or fees: we only charge you the amount of the order, that's all.

You can now connect your existing stores running on Shopify WooCommerce (Wordpress) or Etsy in just a few clicks: welcome to the 100% automated print on demand .

Again, no subscription or other fees to expect.

Product creation
A big change: now you no longer create one product at a time, you can create a set of products with the same visual in one step.
You send your visual in the reserved space, you give it a name that will allow you to find it easily, then you choose on which products it should be applied.
You define the name of the products, their selling prices and you validate. The products will then be created quickly, in one go.

You want to add a new product with an existing visual? Easy: go to your catalog, select the already sent visual and then activate the new product. All you have to do is define the price/positioning and voilà, the product is created.

It is now very easy to create a complete collection and modify it.

Push products to your store
When your products are created, you must then "push" them to your online store.
Go to Created Products, click on the cute little switch of the desired products and hop, in a few minutes maximum the products will be pushed to your store.
When the switch is turned on, it means that... the product is activated on the store.

The personalization of your brand: "branding" options.
You can define your brand identity for each connected store, very easily.
In the branding section of each store you will be able to define all your options:

- Logo on each package - FREE
- Packing Slip Logo - FREE
- Personalized message - FREE
- Store name - FREE
- Contact email - FREE
- Social Networks - FREE
- Dominant color of the slips - FREE
- Possibility to offer a sticker to your customers - OPTION
- Pack-ins - OPTION

These settings are specific to each store.

Placing orders
You can place orders manually directly from the platform.
Go to Place an order.

Select the store for which you wish to place the order: we will then use the branding settings associated with that store.
Then select the products you wish to order, enter the delivery address and click on Place the Order.

That's it.

Order tracking
From the application's home page, you can follow the progress of orders from any store, in the blink of an eye.
To follow the orders of a particular store, in the menu click on Orders then on the name of the store.

You will be able to follow in real time the progress of these orders.

Waiting for production / open: the order has been received and will be processed quickly.
During this state you can change the delivery address of the order or cancel it: you will not be charged.

Production: the order is in production and will be shipped soon.
You will be invoiced-debited the amount of the order when the order goes into production. It is then no longer possible to modify or cancel this order.

Pending / On hold: an order can be blocked for several reasons.
- A lack of funds: we were unable to withdraw the amount of the order.
- No credit card registered
- One of the products of the order is a customizable product and we are waiting for the new visual
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