As we often repeat, conversion is the purchase rate on your site with respect to your number of visits.

We therefore aim for a MAXIMUM conversion rate....

An average conversion rate for e-commerce in Europe is about 2%: this means that out of 100 visitors, 2 of them buy a product.

First step: a selection of applications to install on your Shopify store in order to seriously increase your conversion (conversion) or retention rate (recurring buyers).

Product Reviews

Using Product Review, you can easily add a star rating system to your product sheets: your customers can leave a review of your products. This is a really important element, which will help you to inspire confidence in new buyers (besides, checking reviews before a purchase, isn't that what you always do?).  

Messenger channel

Messenger channel is a simple, free and effective tool: your potential customers can contact you directly via Facebook Messenger but not only... It is a powerful tool that also allows you to sell your products directly via Messenger.  

Quick Announcement Bar

This handy app allows you to add a fully customizable notification bar at the top of your site to announce a special promotion or event to your valued customers.  

SEO Image Optimizer

Here is a free app, super easy to use and devilishly interesting: it modifies the "alt" tag of your images according to your instructions, in order to optimize your visibility in search engines. Importantly important for your SEO, we strongly recommend it.
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