Here is a set of articles that we strongly suggest to read in order to start your business quickly and efficiently with T-Pop.

Set up of your shop (Shopify)

Follow this tutorial to set up your Shopify store properly:

Creating your shopify store step by step

Discover the order payment process

It's easy and automated:

How how we handle the payment part

The things to do every day, imperatively

As an e-merchant, you must ensure that your orders are processed correctly

3 important things you have to do each day

Technical conditions

Some conditions must be respected to obtain a quality product, please consult this article:

Technical constraints

Production status monitoring / shipping

It's super easy:

How to check orders production state?

🔥 Important 🔥

You will see that once the customer order is placed, you no longer have any action to take.  

However, we advise you strongly to check the status of your orders in the app every day, to make sure that none of them are blocked for any reason.  
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