The prices of the products displayed on our website and in the app never include shipping costs because we cannot know in advance the delivery destination or the number of items in the order.

In order to facilitate the calculations and to propose a fairer price whatever the destination of the products, a new calculation method has been put in place since November 2020.

As the grid has evolved, some rates have been revised upwards (we have not applied any increase and have absorbed all of them since the launch of the application), but in many cases delivery will now be cheaper.

The global grid will soon, we hope, be subject to a global decrease in pricing: many countries (US, Canada, Japan, Australia etc...) now impose an air surcharge - temporary, linked to the COVID-19 crisis - which is excessively costly and on which we have no means of action.

All products will now be shipped with tracking: each parcel will have its tracking number, whatever the destination.

The lower prices to the European Union, combined with the fact that shipments are always tracked, will allow you to internationalise your brand.

From now on, the calculation method is as follows:

  • Each product always has 2 delivery rates: 1st product and additional product.
  • If your order contains only one product, the delivery rate is that of the 1st product
  • If your order contains several products, we use the "1st product" rate of the product with the highest "1st product" rate then we add the "additional product" rate of each additional product.

Please note that all prices are now displayed exclusive of VAT: 20% VAT must be added to prices if your business is in the EU.


  • If you have an intra-community VAT number, you can add it to the application and thus be invoiced without this VAT.
  • If you are a French user, you will be able to recover the amount of this VAT if you have a company status (except for micro-entrepreneurs who will not be able to recover the VAT).


For a single mug sent to France, the rate will be 4.80 EUR (first product).
For a mug + 1 t-shirt + 1 pouch, the price will be 4.80 EUR (first product) + 1 EUR (additional product t-shirt grid) + 0.80 EUR (additional product pouch grid).

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