Pack-ins are goodies that we can add to your orders. It can be a flyer, a business card, a handwritten card...

This often results as a "wow" effect, it's going to leave a strong impression on your customers, not to mention the other branding options we offer.

Your customers receive a package with your logo on the packaging, your slip completely personalized according to your preferences (colours, social networks, thank you message) and translated according to the destination country (all these options are free) and the cherry on the cake, a small gift inside if you decide to opt for the pack-in option.

How does it work?

This option is charged €0.80 per package inc.VAT + €1 inc.VAT per day of storage and storage box.

Example: you send us 500 flyers.

As it fits in a single storage box you will be charged €30 (or €31) each month for storage.

Then, each time we ship an order we charge you €0.80 for the pack-in.

The dimensions of the storage boxes are 35 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm height

Prices are with 20% VAT included: if you come from outside the European Union or the European Union with a VAT number, you will be invoiced without those 20% VAT.

A pack-in must not weigh more than 15 grams, have a maximum dimension of 10x15 cm (flyer size) and not be too thick so that we do not have to change the type of packaging.

When we notice your pack-ins quantities becomes low, we send you an email so that you can send us a new stock of pack-ins.

The process to subscribe to this option is simple: send us the package containing your pack-ins (be careful about the quantity) to this address:

Rue des Micocouliers

Lieu dit PLAN LONG
30430 Barjac

Then go to the app, "branding"/ "pack-ins", fill in the form with the description, quantity and a photo/image of the pack-ins.

When we'll receive your package we will notify you and then activate the option.

You will then be automatically invoiced every month for the amount of the storage fees.


  • We cannot be held responsible if your package containing the pack-ins does not reach us.
  • If your pack-ins do not comply with the instructions, we will have to return them to you, at your expense.
  • If you wish to cancel the option and we ship your pack-ins back to you, you will be charged a shipping fee.
  • If you do not wish to pay the return shipping costs if you cancel the option, the pack-ins, depending on their nature, will be destroyed or offered to a charity.
  • If a parcel reaches us with customs fees to pay, you will be charged for those fees.

To sum up: if your products are "classic" (business cards, flyers...), you can send them to us without fear.

If you have any doubt, please contact us beforehand.

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