The purpose of our platform is to offer you a turnkey service, allowing you to create or develop your brand without any investment.

Who we are, in 2 words:

We are a French workshop specialized in print on demand, we are rather friendly, demanding and we are responsive (in all modesty...ha hum).

How is it going?

By using our service, you will be able to choose the type of product on which you want your design to appear and proceed in 1 minute to design the product (name, description, sales price).

Then what is the process?

After this design stage, we take care of the rest: the app will automatically create the product and the associated visual with all its variants (sizes, colours etc.) on your website.

All this is free of charge, no investment is required.

Then, you still have to promote your product: social networks, search engines, the rest is 100% automated.

We take care of the rest...

When a customer places an order on your e-commerce site, you instantly receive payment traditionally (via Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay and so on).

We then proceed to the production of this order, and we automatically charge you the commission defined within the application (corresponding to the supply of the product, its printing, packaging and shipping).

Then we proceed to its shipment (it even seems that we do kisses to your packages)while informing your customer: it will receive an email confirmation of the order and an email confirming the shipment and indicating the number tracking his package.

The icing on the cake: all this is done in your name.

The emails sent, the package, the order form slipped inside, everything is labelled with your brand, we do not appear in any place, it is transparent for your customer.

So, isn't this a nice system?

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