Here are the steps to follow for a perfectly tuned print on demand shop with Shopify.

Payment methods

Choose the payment methods you want to activate on your site (those will be used to get paid by your customers)


Select "Automatically capture payment for orders"

We advise you to use and activate Stripe and Paypal to receive your payments.

Add your billing information

Add your credit card so that Shopify can deduct the monthly fee.

Add a sales channel

First choose your online store: you can add Facebook later, for example.


Select manual order processing

Under Settings / Checkout check the box "Do not automatically fulfill any of the order's line items".
Indeed, it is we who will automatically validate the shipment of your orders (and trigger customer email notification), reason why you should not select "Automatically process".


  • Choose a high quality theme which will give you the opportunity to be fully customizable and that will be fast.

A guide to help you choose your theme is available here.

Design your logo

  • Use a site like (you will pay a small fee for someone to create your logo).
  • You can follow this tutorial to create your own logo easily.
  • Send your logo to your Shopify Shop via the theme personalization panel and the T-Pop app (account / your info)

Design your favicon

  • Favicon is the small icon that represents your website. It is often found to the left of the address bar of your browser.
  • Ask the person who created your shop to make the Favicon or simply use the logo already created.
  • Add the Favicon to your Shopify Shop (Online Store / Customize)

Configure where you want to ship your products

Choose the countries where you want to send your products. The delivery will be charged according to the country of destination.

Set delivery rates

Define the cost of shipping depending on each country / area. Feel free to consult the list of countries in which we ship here :

Choose a company name and address

Tell Shopify what your company name and address are.

Name of your store and metadata

Write the name of your store and a description in the fields provided for this purpose (for SEO, commonly called SEO).

Set time zone

Configure Shopify in the same time zone as yours.

Buy your own domain name

  • Choose the name of your shop
  • Register your domain name after checking its availability, we suggest you to use our partner EvxOnline for the deposit of the domain:

Customize the settings of the Domain

Under "Online Shop / Domain"

Connect the domain name you just purchased with the store link Shopify gave you (follow Shopify's instructions for this step).

Set up a specific email for your shop

This address will be the one from which emails will be sent to your customers, so avoid addresses like "[email protected]"

Set up an email address using the domain you just purchased and transfer it to a Gmail account or user support software.

Add this new email address to your Shopify account.

Configure payment settings

Select "Accounts are optional": this will increase your conversion rate, your customers will not be forced to create an account at checkout because it is one step less during the validation of the cart.

Order Process Options

  • Make sure the option "use shipping address as the default billing address" is checked by default.
  • Set the cart abandonment e-mail to 1 hour (well, at least it's what we use)
  • Tick: "Do not automatically process any of the items in the order"

Important: please don't change default "location" for T-Pop inside your Shopify Dashboard.

Important Documents

  • Generate standard documents that will be used in the billing page
  • Returns policy
  • Confidentiality
  • Shipping Policy
  • Terms of use
  • Contact us
  • About us

Create your collections

Create collections that match the products you sell.


  • Set the top menu of your site
  • Set the menu at the bottom of your site (footer)
  • Include important pages in the menu at the bottom of the page (Terms of Use, Contact etc ...)

Add products

Add your products on your shop :

Publish your products through the T-POP app, we only process / ship products created by our application..

You can change the description, the title, you can change the photos and tags as you see fit. However, do not change the product type, do not change the SKUS and do not duplicate a product.

Design your shop

Customize colors, menus and other settings (it all depends on the theme).

Install the Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tag

When you have your Facebook Pixel (used for advertising / marketing) you can paste it into the "Preferences" part of your Shopify account, the same for your Google Analytics tag.

Set Up Promotions / Discount Coupons

If you want to offer coupon codes, you can set this up in Shopify quite easily.

Remove the password from the shop

When you feel ready, remove the store password from the Shopify Settings page.

Make sure your site fits smartphones

Since much of your traffic will come from mobile visits, it's crucial that your site is enjoyable from any smartphone. Preview and see all your pages and make improvements if you can.

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