When you push your T-Pop products to Etsy, Etsy checks to make sure everything is in order on their end.

If there is a problem, Etsy returns an error message.

Here are some errors you may encounter when trying to push a product to your Etsy store:

  • Error: The user must have a payment template in order to create or update a listing.

This means that your Etsy store is not fully configured: have you added a valid payment method? Indeed there is a cost on the creation of product sheets on Etsy (0.20 US$), it is imperative that all your bank details are filled in and valid, otherwise the transaction will fail and therefore your product can not be published.

Customizable products :

With T-Pop you have the possibility to make customizable products for your future customers, there is just a slight manipulation to do on your Etsy product sheet to make it functional:

By activating this option you put into effect the personalization of your product.

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